Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Mishap

So today's post was supposed to be my first restaurant review. The objective: brunch at Medina's. The plan: be there at 11:00 AM. The result: arrived at 11:45 AM only to find a fairly long line at the door. We decided to give the line a try, mostly so that we could get out of the rain and stand underneath the awnings while we thought about a Plan B. The line did move a little bit during the 5 minutes we were there, but our hunger and impatience forced us to lean towards eating at the food court in nearby Tinseltown. I know, I know, to go from Medina's to food court fare is quite a drop, but to be fair (ha ha), the food court at Tinseltown does have one my more favourite Indian food court establishments: India's Flavour.

Plan B into action. We walked into Tinseltown and at first glance it looks like a lot of stores aren't open on Sundays. For those of you who have been to Tinseltown will know that although the building has been open for many years now, a lot of the retail space remains empty with businesses closing as soon as they open. The food court unfortunately reflects the rest of the "mall" and as we walk up the stairs, I am fearful that India's Flavour has met the same fate as many previous eateries that have seen the end of its days. Luckily, I saw India's Flavour still there where it was before, lights on, serving its customers on a rainy Sunday. I get my usual, Combo 1, which comes with your pick of curry (I always get the chicken curry), rice, and a piece of naan bread for $5.50. You get a drink for an extra $1.00. Calvin decides on Combo 1 as well, but with butter chicken instead. Personally, I find the curry at this place much better than Indian Curry Express, which is the Indian restaurant you find in most other food courts. The chicken curry at India's Flavour has the right medley of flavours and the right amount of spice for me. And the naan bread is soft and goes great with the curry.

Yay, it's still open!

Combo 1 with chicken curry.
Calvin's butter chicken.
Our yummy curry lunch was followed by coffee at Blenz.

Calvin's caramel macchiato.

My dark chocolate mocha.

The view of Tinseltown from Blenz.

As for Medina's, the plan now is to go Saturday morning at 9:00 AM. Wish us luck.

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