Sunday, March 27, 2011

Café Medina: A Restaurant Review

Calvin and I were finally able to eat breakfast at Medina's. This was already about a month ago, but now that I finally have my blog set up the way I want it (for the most part), I can finally post my review on it. Okay, let's get started... When you first look into the restaurant, it doesn't look like there's much seating, but there is actually more seating in the back (which is where we ended up). The ambiance definitely felt more up-scale with decor to match and lots of natural lighting. The layout of the restaurant was somewhat cramped, which is heightened by all the people who frequent this place.

The line up starts early!

The menu itself is fairly small in terms of the entrées, but what they offer is definitely more than just the usual eggs and pancakes. I ordered the Les Boulettes ($14), which were these meatballs made of beef and lamb meat in this chunky tomato-based sauce served with a soft boiled egg, grilled foccacia, houmus, and raita (a type of yogurt dip). Calvin ordered the Fricassé ($16) - braised short ribs with potatoes, onions, 2 fried eggs, and grilled foccacia. Their freshly made belgian waffles were also a popular choice in the restaurant, so we decided to order one ($3.15) with the dark chocolate topping ($1) to share between the two of us.

 My Les Boulettes.

Calvin's Fricassé.

 Our Belgian waffle with the dark chocolate sauce.

Overall, I thought our breakfast was hearty and very flavourful. I really enjoyed the combination of the meatballs with the chunky tomatoes and onions for my dish. The waffle was good, but nothing too memorable. However, what I enjoyed most was the coffee I ordered - a milk chocolate lavender mocha. The lavender gave the milk chocolate a certain sweetness that complimented the coffee well.


While I know a lot of people would choose Café Medina as their first pick for breakfast/brunch, I would probably not go back unless it was a special occasion, only because our breakfast ended up being around $50 after tax! The food was good, but this place definitely would not become a regular for me. I would be more inclined to pick up another mocha to go on days I feel like treating myself.

Overall rating: 8/10

Café Medina
556 Beatty Street
Vancouver, BC   V6B 2L3

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WOW! I have wanted to try this cafe for quite some time so thanks for the review. Those waffles look soooo fantastic.


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