Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hawaii Highlights: The Beach!

I didn't spend my entire trip in Waikiki just eating, well, maybe a good portion of my trip, but not all of it! Of course, Calvin and I spent some time enjoying the sand and surf. We had rented a car while we were there and found a nice place to hang out at this beach located north of Hanauma Bay along Kalanianaole Highway. The drive from Waikiki took about 25 minutes.

The water looks very calm in this picture.

Although it may not look like it in the picture above, the waves at this beach were crazy! The first time Calvin and I visited this place, the lifeguard made an announcement that people shouldn't be swimming in these waters unless they were "experienced" - most likely directed at us tourists. There were many locals there body surfing. Calvin and I just stood by the edge and let the waves crash at our feet.

Body surfing!

If you rent a car, I would recommend coming here if you are not a fan of crowded beaches and you just want to lay down and tan. It's not really so much for little kids since they can't swim in the water, but it's fun just sitting and watching other people try to defy the powerful waves.

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