Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hawaii Highlights: Island Vintage Coffee

Coffee is very popular in Hawaii, especially Kona coffee which is grown on the big island. Calvin and I noticed that there were many specialty coffee shops in Honolulu, so of course we had to try a few ourselves. My favourite of the bunch was Island Vintage Coffee. We ordered the caramel Kona mocha frap (I'm sure it had a different name, but I forgot what it was now) and Calvin thought it tasted even better than the Mochachillo at Blenz. I had to agree that it rivaled my favourite frozen coffee drink, but then when we ordered this Kona frap a second time at the mall, Calvin saw how they made it and realized they used some sort of powder to flavour it and is unsure now of the quality. Still, I think it tastes darn delicious!

(I swear I took a picture of Calvin with the frap, but it appears that we've "lost" a few pictures that we took in Hawaii, so here's a picture from the website. This is the location where we first ordered it.)

Lots of other treats available besides coffee!

Island Vintage Coffee
Royal Hawaiian Center location
2301 Kalakaua Avenue #C215
Honolulu, HI   96815

Other locations: Ala Moana Center (both on food court level and 1st floor)

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