Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hawaii Highlights: Me's BBQ

Spam, eggs, and rice. If you're Asian, there is a good possibility that you are familiar with this meal. It's like Asian comfort food and good thing for me, they love Spam in Hawaii. McDonald's in Hawaii even serves this for breakfast. The one place we frequented is this small place near our apartment rental called Me's BBQ. There are many choices of combo meals on the menu including a lot of Korean dishes. The Spam, eggs, and rice combo was $4.50 and you can have your eggs cooked to your preference.

Sorry, this is the only picture we got of the outside.

You can't really screw up frying Spam (unless you burn it), so what I like about this place are the ample portions, and the fact that you can have your eggs made any way you want all for a decent price. Next time we visit Waikiki, Calvin and I will try the Korean dishes offered.

Calvin likes his eggs sunny side up.

This small eatery is good for a quick, cheap meal, especially if you're hungry and/or hungover.

No rating since we only ate Spam, eggs, and rice for $4.50. C'mon, I think you can spare $4.50 to try this place out.

Me's BBQ
151 Uluniu Ave
Honolulu, HI   96805

No website for this establishment.


Marlene (Quotes and Notes) said...

I'm so glad that you found "Me's BBQ"!!! We went there and I loved their food.. I really wanted to tell you guys to go there but I couldn't remember what it was called!

Marlene (Quotes and Notes) said...

We went there for dinner and their Korean BBQ beef was soooo good.. next time you guys will have to go there for their Korean food.. ;p

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