Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scarves Revisited

I received this Roots scarf recently as a birthday gift from a good friend of mine. I'll admit that I made the decision several months ago to boycott wearing scarves. Why? I don't know about you, but for me, when I'm done putting on my makeup, I avoid touching my face. So much so that I've developed a weird sensitivity to anything that brushes against my face that are not my bangs. It just really bugs me and last winter I became fed up with wearing scarves. Sure they are a great accessory to your wardrobe and they keep your neck warm as well, but my constant struggle with pulling it down, coercing it in such a way so it doesn't rub against my chin, finally got to me.

So when my friend gave me this pretty scarf, I wasn't too sure if I would be wearing it that often. However, the weather today in Vancouver is rainy (surprise, surprise) and a little chilly. Calvin and I were heading out and I remembered that this scarf would match my outfit. I wrapped it around my neck and to my surprise, it didn't brush against my chin (I even have a really short neck). Of course, this is more of a spring/summer scarf rather than a winter scarf, so it is without the annoying bulk. But even with a lot of "lighter" scarves, depending on the type of fabric it's made out of, I still have issues with keeping it away from my chin. This scarf however is super soft and "falls" nicely around my neck. And the print is lovely, don't you think?

Looks like I'll be wearing this scarf more often than I thought! THANKS good friend ;)

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Tina said...

That's my scarfie! I didn't know you didn't like scarves anymore! I wouldn't have got you one...but I'm glad this one works for you though. :)

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