Sunday, July 10, 2011

Korean Makeup Products

So Calvin will be heading off to Hong Kong in about a week (ack! so soon??) for a work thing. He'll be gone for almost 4 weeks! T_T I wish I could go with him, but I just started a new position at my work, so I probably shouldn't be gone for a few weeks when I'm supposed to be training *sigh* Anyway, this will mean I have to make a list for him of all the Asian goodies I want him to buy for me and being a guy, he will not know where to look for my girly things, so I have to include the locations of where he can buy this stuff (because you know, I know Hong Kong like the back of my hand :P). Thank goodness for the Internet.

If you've watched my YouTube videos on makeup, you probably have noticed that I mentioned a product called BB Cream. Korean makeup products have been my latest obsession. From what I have researched on the Internet, Korea seems to be heaven for a makeup/beauty product fanatic like myself. (Okay, maybe I wouldn't call myself a fanatic as I don't actually buy a lot of different products just to try out, but makeup/beauty products are probably the thing I surf for/read about on the Internet the most.) In Korea, there seems to be a lot of boutique makeup brands/stores such as Missha, Etude House, Laneige, and one that I've recently found out about: banila co.

Makeup!! *drool*
Thanks to my favourte beauty guru on YouTube, bubzbeauty, I now want to try banila co.'s "let me dressed" (yes, I know the English doesn't make any sense) BB cream. I've looked on the banila co. website and it looks like this BB cream comes in a honey/yellow beige. Yes!! The main issue other non-Korean, darker skinned Asian girls have about BB cream in general is that there aren't many shades available to suit their skin tone. Furthermore, of the shades that are available, there seems to be a greyish undertone to them. 

From the BB creams that I do have (all Missha ones), I have managed to somewhat get a match by using my MAC powder on top. However, upon returning to Hawaii back in April, my skin is too dark at the moment to get away with this. I have been using MAC's new Pro Longwear Foundation (in NC42) in the meantime until my tan fades. The shade definitely matches my current skin tone well, but I don't find that it's very "longwearing", not so much more than their Studio Fix fluid and it doesn't make my skin look as nice as my BB creams. So I'm longing to start using BB creams again and I really want to try banila co.'s Let Me Dressed! The banila co.'s website indicates that there are locations in China, but the majority of the site is in Korean, and to add to that it's a java-based website, so I am having difficulty translating the site through Google. And when I Google "banila co. locations Hong Kong" I don't get desirable search results. I have tweeted bubzbeauty (she lives in Hong Kong) asking where you can buy banila co.'s stuff in Hong Kong; hopefully she will reply back.

If Calvin manages to find their store or a store in Hong Kong that sells their stuff, I hope he buys me a couple of other things there as well *hint hint* because their products look so cute I could die!!

Some of banila co.'s products. Isn't the packaging so cute?!?!?!
Anyway, this post is getting long.  If Calvin shopping trip is a success *crosses fingers* then I will definitely be doing a haul video on YouTube. Stay tuned!

Until next time :)

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