Saturday, January 26, 2013

Get Ready, Get Set, Get Organized!

My husband and I have been to Japan twice before in the past 3 years, both trips were planned at the last minute. It really only takes a few big trips to become accustomed to the art of packing: learning what is essential, what can be left behind, and what can be purchased abroad. I wouldn't say that our packing skills are suited for backpacking-type trips, but I would say that we could have a comfortable vacation without burdening ourselves with over-stuffed luggage.

However, as I mentioned in my last post, this trip to Japan will be different because we're bringing our baby boy, Jacob. Not only do Calvin and I have to plan on what we're packing for the trip as well as the activities we want to partake in, we are presented with the issue of packing efficiently for a baby. When I'm packing for a trip, whether big or small, I essentially just go through my daily routine in my head and pack according to that. However, with Jacob's routine, as simple as it is, packing for him is not. So to make sure I don't forget anything essential, I thought I would try an iPhone app that will help me to make lists and get organized for Japan.

Okay, since getting my new iPhone, I have been downloading apps left, right, and center. And to my surprise there is a large of selection of apps that are free in every category you can think of. So when I started searching the app store for apps that will help you get organized, there were a few free ones I found that received good (and plentiful) reviews. The three I downloaded were Any.DO, Weave, and Astrid. After fiddling with the three, I have decided to stick with Weave because for a free app, it's quite robust in the features it offers. It allows you to organize your lists according to different projects, the interface is pleasing to the eye, you can share projects with other people, and the app itself is organized in a simple and intuitive way. However, what I like most about the app is that there is an expense feature, which allows you to track your expenses for a project, in our case, the expenses for our trip. The app is made by Intuit, who makes the QuickBooks and Turbo Tax software, so when I noticed that in the app store, I was hoping Weave would also include some sort of money tracking feature.

Anyway, let's hope our efforts in preparing for Japan pay off. I realize I've had 2 blog postings now about this trip, but I haven't provided many details on the trip itself. Next time :)

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