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Osaka: Day 2 (February 21, 2013)

Despite being exhausted by the time we went to bed (around midnight Osaka time), we ended up waking up around 6:30 AM and starting our day then. For those of you who haven't been to Japan, a lot of establishments aren't open until after 9, including places to eat. I remember on our last trip to Sapporo in 2011, Calvin and I got up "early" and walked to McDonald's for breakfast only to realize that it didn't open until 8:00 AM :S I suppose it's like that too for a lot of places here in Vancouver (well except for McDonald's) but I don't know, early mornings still seem busy here in Vancouver compared to Japan. Late openings work better for us anyway since it takes a long time for Jacob to start his day LOL

There were quite a few things I had listed on our itinerary for our first full day in Osaka and I was quite pleased that we got most of it done. First things first, I had to buy a few things at Daiso to make things a little easier for us in the hotel room. Another nice thing about this hotel is that there's a Daiso right next to it :) We also had found a Mister Donut in the same building - lucky us! Calvin has been dreaming about these donuts for a long time and was highly anticipating being able to eat one again.

Apparently somebody else wanted a donut too ;)
After that, we headed toward the Shinsaibashi area for some more shopping. Before going on our trip, I found out that there were 2 Etude House locations in Osaka, one of them being in the Daimaru building at Shinsaibashi Station. I was so excited to see it and unlike my disappointing experience finding the banila co. store in Tokyo, this Etude House location was not closing down, so I had lots of products to choose from. It wasn't an actual store though, just a separate section of this other store called Plaza, which also carries cosmetics/beauty products and other fun stuff. Still, it seemed like they carried most of the Etude House products.

Yay! Finally some success finding Korean makeup products! ^_^
Of course I had to buy a few things ;)

I'm such a sucker for cute packaging!

The Moistfull products on the left were actually a free gift you get if you spend over 4,000 yen. I've already tried the Happy face cleanser and the Mini Jam Jam (LOL) hand cream. I can't wait to try the rest. I will definitely make another trip there before we leave.

Once I happily got my purchases, we left the Daimaru building and headed outside toward Ebisubashi-suji shopping street, which is a very popular outdoor shopping arcade in Osaka. As we were walking through the shopping arcade I found many shops I wanted to go into, including Bershka. I was already happy that I had found and bought stuff from Etude House, but when I saw Bershka, I was extremely giddy. They do not have any of their stores in Canada, I had only bought clothing from Bershka in Greece and Mexico, so I'm very pleased to see a location in Osaka. Despite being really excited to see this store, I didn't go in that day cause we were getting tired and hungry and I wanted to have more energy to shop in the store :)

We finally reached section of Ebisubashi-suji where the infamous Glico man resides. It's a big light up sign along the Nishi Dotombori River.

I want some Pocky, Glico man!
We were getting really hungry (well I was at least) so we wanted to eat at this popular udon place that was supposedly near by. But after walking around and around, we couldn't find it, so we ended up eating at the giant crab place, Kanidoraku Honten.

The popular items to order are the set dinner meals, where they serve crab in different ways for each course. I picked the cheapest dinner, which was still 5,200 yen (about $56 Canadian) and Calvin picked the mid-price set (6,200 yen).

My first course had 3 different dishes. I got a deep fried crab claw in a sweet sauce, little bits of crab and some roe on a little square of sticky rice, and then steamed crab legs with a vinegar sauce. 

My first course.
Calvin's first course included this steamed crab custard dish that was yummy. He also got crab sashimi, which I got as my second course.

Calvin's first course.

Crab sashimi!
Both Calvin and I never had crab sashimi before so we were a little nervous trying it. The crab meat was fresh, it had a slight sweet taste, not fishy tasting at all. The texture was soft and well, slimy. I swallowed my pieces pretty fast, which Calvin called me on (LOL). Both of us are not into sashimi in general, so I wouldn't say we would try this again, although I'm sure if you were a sashimi lover, you would most likely love this dish too.

Calvin's next course was grilled crab and it was yummy! The smell was so tantalizing and the meat had this nice smoky taste to it. I'm sure they were serving us a couple of different kinds of crab, including king crab, but we don't  know which ones for what dish.

Yummy grilled crab!
After Calvin's grilled crab, we both had crab shabu shabu as our next course. The broth used to cook the vegetables and crab had a lot of flavour to it, but not salty.

The ingredients for our crab shabu shabu.
Once we were done the shabu shabu, one of the waitresses came by and actually made a congee using the leftover shabu shabu broth right at our table! At this point we were already stuffed, but we had to be troopers and make it through the last course. The congee was smooth and had a little bit of a sweet taste to it from the crab.

The crab congee had egg in it as well.
Good view of Ebisubashi-suji street.

Look who else had to take off their shoes!
With our bellies full of good crab, we headed back to our hotel room, making a pit stop at Bic Camera, a popular chain in Japan that sells electronic items, and pretty much everything else under the sun. After a long, full day, I was glad to back in our hotel. Goodnight!

The view from our hotel room. Goodnight Osaka!

I drool for crab!

I forgot to mention, that I'll also be posting pictures on my Instagram account (@thejjchan), which you can view here.

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