Monday, February 25, 2013

Osaka: Day 6 (February 25, 2013)

Another change in the itinerary for today.

While I like having a plan, I think I can be pretty flexible when it comes to changes (maybe). Besides, I'm on vacation, right? I should be more relaxed and easy going ;)

Today we were supposed to go to Kobe, but it didn't seem like there would be much to see there, so we decided to go to Nara instead. Nara is a small town (?) about half an hour (by train) outside of Osaka. Nara is famous for being home to several World Heritage sites and also for their live deer.

We were able to take an express train from Namba station (where our hotel is located) all the way to Nara. I was thinking today how lucky we were to find such a great hotel (we're staying at the Hotel Monterey Osaka). The hotel is very conveniently located - we're closest to one of the biggest train stations in Osaka, there's all this shopping nearby and places to eat. There are so many places that are within walking distance from our hotel. Plus, our hotel is one of the taller buildings in the area, so when we're walking on an unfamiliar street and we need to find our way back, it's easy to locate where our hotel is and go from there.

Random photo of Jacob in the elevator. We have to take so many elevators because of the stroller.
Anyway, back to today's outing. I figured that the time would eventually come where we'd have a somewhat embarrassing Jacob incident out in public while on vacation here in Japan. And it decided to happen this morning. Calvin had bought a rice ball to eat on the train and decided to feed Jacob some of the rice. He broke off a chunk and tried to put it in Jacob's mouth, but Jacob was either unprepared or didn't want it at first, so the chunk ended up falling onto his shirt. I then picked up the chunk and put it in Jacob's mouth. Turned out the chunk was too big and little guy started to gag. So out came the rice, bits of seaweed, and some of the milk he just drank all over his scarf, sweater, and shirt :( I felt bad for him cause it looked like a lot came out. Anyway, this all happened while on the train, but good thing I had an extra pair of clothes so we proceeded to change him in front of everyone (and there were people sitting near us). If the people sitting close to us didn't notice him gag and throw up all of his food, they would have noticed us changing him and were probably wondering what was going on. LOL. Ah, the joys of parenthood :D

When we arrived at Nara, Calvin originally wanted to take the bus to the park, but when we realized that it was only 800 metres away, we decided to walk. I know I mentioned in my posting about Koyasan that it was really cold there, but I don't think I've mentioned that it's been really cold in Osaka as well. And apparently the same goes for Nara. That biting wind has been following us everywhere on this trip. Walking everywhere has been good exercise for me and Calvin, but I feel like we're limited to how long we can walk because it's so damn cold!

Right when we reached the entrance of the park, you could already see the Nara deer roaming around freely. There is a man at the entrance, that sells special biscuits for tourists to buy and feed the deer (good idea or not?).

This is me looking amazed at how close the deer approach people and wondering how hard I would kick the deer if it decided to attack Jacob LOL.
The park itself is really big, several of the World Heritage sites are located in the park as well. You will find deer roaming around throughout the entire park, and a word of warning for those who are thinking of visiting: stepping on deer droppings is inevitable.

Calvin bought the biscuits (150 yen) and got the deer to follow him around for a bit before letting them have all the treats.
Calvin said he wanted his own pagoda to live in. Alrighty then.

No, that's not a statue.

Nice family photo.

One of the ponds at the park.

Calvin and Jacob goofing around :)
I admitted to Calvin that I was enjoying our mini excursion in Nara more than our excursion in Koyasan and he agreed. The area was a lot nicer to walk around (despite the deer droppings), there wasn't any snow on the ground, and best of all, it only cost us about $6 Canadian to get there, unlike the $60 we spent on going to and from Koyasan.

Although I do wonder how they control the deer population in the area. Maybe I shouldn't be thinking about that :S

That's pretty much it for pictures for the rest of the day. We had lunch before leaving Nara at this café near the train station. I was really hungry by the time we got our food that I forgot to take a picture of it :P We had chicken teriyaki burgers and fries. The burger was alright, just somewhat on the small side. We also got a hazelnut latte, which was really yummy. 

When we got back to our hotel room, it was already early evening and we didn't feel like having to go out again for dinner so Calvin bought take out nearby and we ate in our room. We originally wanted to get pasta from this popular Italian chain they have here (I've blanked out at the moment and can't remember the name, Italian Tomato, something like that) but you can't get the pasta as take out. So instead, we ended up having beef curry and rice from this other place. Again, I didn't take a photo, but the curry was only so-so anyway.

Okay, time for me to go to bed. It's 12:39 AM right now and we need to have an early start tomorrow, because we're heading to Kyoto :)

Goodnight, everyone! (How do you say that in Japanese? I should probably learn that.)


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BAM! Goodnight = Oyasuminasai. (おやすみなさい。)

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