Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Osaka: Day 7 (February 26, 2013)

Wow, I can't believe it's been 7 days already. I feel like we haven't done anything LOL.

Today, we headed out to Kyoto, so we were supposed to have an early start, which there was a possibility of that happening since Jacob woke up crying around 6:00 AM. However, Calvin put him back to sleep and then fell asleep again himself. Okay, I fell asleep too, but then I woke up again around 8. And okay, I admit that I should have started getting ready right away, but I got some good shots of those two still snoozing and I had to Instagram them! (You can view my Instagram photos here.)

So instead of leaving around 9:00 AM, we ended up leaving around 11:00 AM. When we arrived in Kyoto, it was still before 1 o'clock? Anyway, we'll be staying one night in Kyoto for this side trip, and we're staying at the Kyoto Hotel Okura. The room we received is bigger than the one back in Osaka, but you can tell by the furnishings/fixtures that it's an older hotel (or at least hasn't been renovated in a long time). Still, it's a nice room and they were nice enough to let us use a baby crib for free! Our hotel in Osaka has baby cribs for guests with babies to use, but they charge some ridiculous nightly fee to use it :P

Since we arrived in Kyoto around lunch time, Calvin and I were feeling a bit hungry. Luckily for Calvin, we passed by a KFC on the way to the hotel from the train station. 

There were several things that Calvin was looking forward to consuming while on this trip to Japan (in no particular order):

  1. Mister Donut check
  2. melon soda check
  3. chicken strips from McDonald's check
  4. fried chicken from KFC check
My crispy chicken sandwich.
Okay, I didn't realize that Calvin only took a picture of my sandwich, but now I remember that he was so eager to have his KFC fix that he ate his meal on the way to the hotel. I personally find their fried chicken really oily, which is why I ordered the sandwich. It tasted okay, pretty much the same at home, only a bit smaller in size.

After checking into our hotel room, which they were able to let us check in early, we walked around to find a Starbucks. 

Our Sakura white chocolate mocha and the Kyoto edition Starbucks card.
I also got the Osaka edition Starbucks card, but unfortunately, we're not able to add gift cards from Japan to our Starbucks app. We were thinking of downloading the Japanese Starbucks app, but we're not even sure if they have an app for Japan.

For those of you wondering about the Sakura white chocolate mocha, it has a certain sweetness/flavour to it that's different from a regular white chocolate mocha. I guess Sakura has a flavour? To be honest, if a drink could taste pink, that's what it would taste like LOL.

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking down a popular shopping street before heading back to our hotel room to take a break before dinner. 

Calvin's freshly made red-bean cake.

Just from walking around the area close to our hotel, Calvin and I noticed that there are temples/shrines everywhere.
The main city centre of Kyoto is west of Kamo River, so for dinner, Calvin wanted to walk to the east side and find a place there to eat. Only thing is, when we got to that side (the hotel is only like a minute away from the river), we couldn't find any places to eat. We had actually found this cute plaza area that had mostly restaurants and we were going to eat at this one place that looked like they served Korean bbq; however, the staff did not understand any English. We didn't think that it would be that big a deal, since we've encountered similar situations before, but this time it seemed like the staff were scared of us. The host seemed very nervous when we got there and he asked if we could speak or understand Japanese. When we said no, he motioned for us to wait a moment while he walked to do something or get someone. We were waiting there for a few minutes and were wondering if he was coming back. We felt awkward, so we just decided to leave and find some place else to eat.

I told Calvin that most of the restaurants seem to be on the side of the river where our hotel is, so we walked back and quickly found a place to have dinner.

The place was called Sumika and the food was kind of Korean/Japanese fusion. We ordered a few things off of the menu, including pasta (haha), and we were not disappointed.

Calvin trying to drink his yuzu and orange milk.

"Roast beef" - at least that's what the English menu says.

Rice and beef served in a hot stone bowl (with an egg too of course).
Ebi mayo.

Spaghetti bolognese.
All the dishes were really tasty. My only complaint though was that the "roast beef" was cold. I am not sure if it was supposed to be like beef carpaccio, if it was, the pieces were too think and a little chewy to be beef carpaccio. Other than that, we enjoyed all the other dishes.

Anyway, time for me to get some shut eye before Jacob wakes up for a feeding. Sorry about any spelling mistakes!!

Until tomorrow :)

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