Thursday, February 21, 2013

We've Arrived! (Osaka: Day 1)

Hello Osaka :)

So far, our trip has started off on the right foot. I believe I mentioned in my previous posts that my main concern was how Jacob would behave on the plane ride. As it turns out, he likes flying on airplanes. Haha, okay, I wouldn't go that far, but Jacob was definitely well behaved during the long flight to Tokyo and the short flight to Osaka. Calvin and I were impressed with our son (and quite frankly, very relieved). Calvin even went as far as saying that having Jacob with us made the flight seem shorter. It was however a little tiring keeping him entertained during the flight, but at least he was happy for the most part during our long journey and didn't cause too much fuss.

Another highlight during our flight to Osaka that I would like to mention is this promo that JAL is offering on domestic flights where for 1,000 yen (roughly $10 Canadian) you can upgrade your seat to one of those fancy ones that can recline to a complete horizontal position. It's not exactly first class, but definitely better than economy. Of course at that price, how could we not be tempted to upgrade? So we decided to pay the 2,000 yen to upgrade to these seats for our flight from Tokyo to Osaka and it was so worth it. The flight itself was short, probably around an hour and fifteen minutes but at that point it was 1:30 AM Vancouver time, so you can imagine how tired we were. It was nice to be able to lie down and get some rest.

Jacob goofing around at the airport.

When we got to Osaka, we took an airport limousine bus service that took us to this bus terminal right next to our hotel. Very convenient. Normally, Calvin and I would have gone the train/subway route, but we landed in Itami Airport, which is a smaller airport and there wasn't a train that went directly from the airport to our hotel. We didn't want to have to make any additional transfers on our way to the hotel, so this airport limousine bus service was perfect for us.

Of course Jacob can't be well behaved all the time, so he decided to wait until we checked into the hotel room to start being fussy. I can't blame the little dude though, his sleep and eating schedule is all out of whack (a wiggity wiggity whack) so its understandable that his first night in Japan would be semi-rough.

Hopefully, he'll adjust quickly to his new surroundings *fingers crossed*

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