Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Osaka: Last Day - Final Thoughts and Reflections

It's been a week and a half since we came back from our trip and finally I have a chance to blog about our last day in Japan.

Not that there is much to say. Our flight out of Osaka was at 2:30 PM so we had a couple of hours in the morning to do some last minute souvenir shopping, including getting some Mister Donut to bring home. Calvin and I took turns separately to do some shopping on our own, but both of us forgot to buy the donuts! Boo! :(

I was hoping to catch the 11:30 AM bus to the airport, but surprisingly, we were done everything early and were able to catch the 11:10 bus. I always imagine places in Japan like Toyko and Osaka to have heavily congested car traffic. While I'm sure there are certain streets or highways that are heavily congested, I am glad the route our bus took was not one of them. Even though the bus made another stop (after we got on) to pick up more passengers, we still made it to the airport in about 25 minutes or less. 

At the Itami Airport, we had okonomiyaki for lunch and yes, we were able to do more shopping LOL. When we got to our gate there was a little play area for kids, so we let Jacob crawl around and have some fun before our long day of flying.

Either Jacob's not looking at the camera...

Or we're (well I'm) not looking :P
The rest of the day was just all about getting home. We chose to upgrade our seats again on our flight from Osaka to Tokyo, but it the J-class seats weren't the same as the previous flight. Still, it was more comfortable.

Then there was the long flight from Tokyo back to Vancouver. We had reserved the bassinet for this flight; however, this airplane was smaller than the one we had taken from Vancouver to Tokyo, so we didn't have such an easy time looking after Jacob. On the flight from Vancouver to Tokyo, there was quite a bit of space between our seats and the bassinet so that whenever Jacob started to get fussy, I could easily get up, pick him up, and stand there to calm him down. However, on this flight, there was very little space between our seats and Jacob's bassinet. Plus, it was really cold on the plane, so when Jacob started to get fussy, I had to rip the blankets off of me before I got up, pick Jacob up and then stand in the aisle because there was no room between our seats and his bassinet to stand up comfortably.

Thankfully, we survived the flight home without too many hiccups. I would say that Jacob actually doesn't mind flying, as long as he can get some good rest.

Although I'm glad to be home, I do miss being in Japan. There is so much to see, and so many places to eat *heehee* :D

When we were getting ready for the trip, almost everyone said that we were crazy for bringing Jacob. True, we couldn't have known exactly what would happen, but I wanted to stay positive that it would be a great trip. And it was a great trip. Sure, it was a little bit more tiring than it would have been if it were just me and Calvin, but like most days since he was born, Jacob surprised us everyday with his awesomeness while we were in Japan. I certainly don't have any regrets about bringing him with us and I know Calvin is glad that we brought him as well. It has definitely brought us closer as a family and if anything, it was a lot of quality time spent together, which Calvin hasn't had much of with Jacob since returning to work.

I think after this trip, Calvin and I feel we are more confident as parents and I can't wait for the next family trip! Although, I think the next one will probably just be Vegas LOL

Until next time :)

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