Friday, April 26, 2013

Cho Sun BBQ: A Restaurant Review

I decided to get back into the swing of things and start reviewing restaurants I've been to. Whether I take the time to actually sit down and type out the review is a whole other story.

Tonight's review is of Cho Sun BBQ Korean Restaurant (my Google search indicates that is the entire name, as awkward as it sounds), which we ate at last month. Yes, it was that long ago. Do I actually remember my experience there? For the most part.

As you can tell from the photo, we ate there for dinner. We arrived there before six o'clock and the place was already full with a few groups of people waiting for a table. Mind you, the place looks big from the outside, but in reality, it's a fairly small joint. Good thing we didn't have to wait that long to sit down.

My main reason for wanting to eat here? Meat. And lots of it. Since I didn't get my BBQ beef dinner in Japan, I had a major craving for it. Calvin and I rarely eat BBQ when we go to Korean restaurants, mostly because it can be quite expensive for only 2 people. If you've never been to a Korean BBQ restaurant before, the basic idea is that the restaurant will offer various sets of marinated meats (and sometimes seafood) that you can choose to cook at your own table.

From our past Korean BBQ eating experience, if there are only 2 of you, some restaurants won't let you cook it yourself, the kitchen will cook it for you. This option is certainly fine by me as it's less work for you and you get to eat all of your meat sooner than later ;) From what I can remember, the BBQ set for 2 at Cho Sun was a decent price. Oh and the menu also had a large selection of Japanese food as well, including sushi. The sushi part kind of sketched me out a little, but I hadn't planned on getting that anyway. Calvin played it safe and ordered the tamago nigiri.

What does good tamago look like? I am not too sure, but this looks alright.

Calvin usually gets a couple of pieces of this when we go to Japanese restaurants. He said the one served here at Cho Sun was average, nothing spectacular.

After Calvin got his sushi, we were served our Korean side dishes.

These side dishes are usually served prior to getting your main meal and most restaurants offer the same  dishes. My two favourites are the kimchi and the bean sprouts, both of which were yummy at Cho Sun.

Then finally, our BBQ'd meat came!!

My mouth is watering looking at this photo.

This basic set came with marinated chicken, pork and slices of beef ribs (you also get a small bowl of rice per person). The chicken was still quite tender to my surprise and the pork was delectable as well. The beef ribs however were fatty, but I think that's typical with that cut of meat. The portion was definitely enough for the 2 of us; we were able to eat almost the entire thing. I remember the last time we had Korean BBQ at Hanwoori (which is my favourite Korean restaurant), our BBQ set for 2 was huge, we were not able to eat all of it. So I was pleased with the size of our meal at Cho Sun. I think it was worth it for the price we paid. My meat craving was subdued and my tummy was happy once more.

My overall thoughts of Cho Sun? I would say that the prices are decent (not as expensive as Hanwoori) and the BBQ is good. As I mentioned earlier, Calvin and I don't normally order BBQ when we go to Korean restaurants - what we usually order is the dolsot bim bim bap (vegetables with a little bit of meat served with a raw egg on top of rice in a hot stone bowl). Maybe next time I crave this dish, I'll go to Cho Sun to see what it's like there, then I can determine for myself if this really is a good restaurant or not ;)

What made me choose to eat at Cho Sun anyway? Well when I was growing up, one of my godsisters had this giant brown teddy bear that had a funny leg. I guess the bear was manufactured by a Korean company because the tag on its ear said Cho Sun, which is what she named her bear. So when I noticed this Korean restaurant many years ago, it made me think of him :)

I guess both his legs look a little funny, don't they? LOL.

Anyway, hopefully this blog posting will help me get my groove back and I will have many more postings to come in the near future.

Overall rating: 7.5/10

Cho Sun BBQ Korean Restaurant
3486 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC   V5R 5L6

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Until next time! :)

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