Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Frosted malts: my never ending quest...

And no... I don't mean A Frosty from Wendy's, but the kind I used to get from Willie Woozle back in the day. Thick, chocolatey, with a slight gritty, malty bite to it and of course, always served in a styrofoam cup to keep it cold. Oh how I miss those days.

This is the best picture of a frosted malt I could find! And if you're wondering why I can't just go to this place to get one, Kewpee Hamburgers is in Ohio, so no, not possible :P

The last time I had one was actually a few years ago. Calvin and I had gone to the New Westminster Quay for some reason I can't remember. We passed by the ice cream shop and to my surprise they were still serving frosted malts! I was so excited! I think we only got a medium size to share (big regret), and since then we were always telling ourselves we would go back for more. Unfortunately, after that, the Quay went under renovations and the ice cream shop went bye bye. 

So I have been on a quest to find that hidden jewel of an establishment that still serves frosted malts: visiting random ice cream or hot dog shops, Googling menu information for restaurants or diners, I've even just replied to an old posting on Chowhound from another fellow Vancouverite on the same hunt**. Unfortunately none of my attempts have lead to a successful result.

Calvin and I are heading out to Tofino this week to celebrate Calvin's 30th birthday. You can be sure that I will be scoping out any and every ice cream shop there for a frosted malt. I think that would be the best birthday gift Calvin could ever receive. LOL!! Okay maybe not, but it would definitely make the trip worth it! :)

**Update: someone actually replied to my comment on Chowhound not long after I had posted it. There is apparently this new old fashion soda fountain and confectionery place that opened up in North Burnaby called Glenburn. And "malts" are included on the menu! However, I'm not sure if it will be exactly the same thing I'm looking for, but it's definitely worth checking out, which Calvin and I will hopefully do tonight or tomorrow. Eeek! Can't wait!

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